La Presidente

The FOUNDATION OPEN ARMS NGO founded by thirty years of association experience volunteering WE LIKE YOU non-profit organization, which was formed with the aim of promoting charitable, social, cultural and job placement for people with disabilities. For this reason it was created a day care center and a residential unit designed to respond to the problem of “after us.” The Foundation for now houses 30 people with mental and physical disabilities aged between 16 aei 65 years, working through an accreditation from the local health authorities and municipalities. In day-residential center are held animation activities and work with Educational, rehabilitation and sports with the help of n. 19 employees and 8 collaborators. The Foundation is also responsible for the moral, psychological and economic disadvantaged families and at risk of marginalization. The Foundation welcomes people who need to perform community work, community work and has set no. Between 17 work placements, internships and good people with disabilities work, acquiring expertise on the working dynamics of disadvantaged people and bearers of disabilities. Since the beginning of our activities, the Foundation has decided to undertake a parallel path that sees in cultural and artistic the privileged means of raising awareness of disability issues. To this have been promoted on the national territory cultural events, exhibitions and shows, with the participation of artists from all over the peninsula. The mission of the Foundation is inspired by:

  • Assist children and adults with disabilities by supporting them on a psychological level, health, economic and basic needs;

  • To promote the integration of disabled people in society;

  • Helping families with disabilities through counseling, legal and economic;

  • Supporting disadvantaged people living situations of social distress;

  • Enable training courses aimed at integrating the world of work;

  • Encourage new realities of work for disabled people and / or disadvantaged;

  • Fighting against all forms of discrimination;

  • Disclose art in all its forms, with particular reference to the person and his social value;

  • Propose as a meeting place and social and cultural aggregation, a human and civil maturation;

  • Foster the People Raising through the encounter between culture and volunteering in order to exploit the resources.